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At FYI Investigations, we are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients with our experience, knowledge, and abilities. When it comes to investigations you need a name you can trust. We have been in business for over 30 years and provide national background checks and property searches. We can find anyone or anything you need with fast, reliable and accurate results.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is the act of finding someone who cannot be found for various reasons usually pertaining to fugitives, debt, and property or asset collection.

Asset Search

An asset search determines what property or finances a person or corporation owns. Conducting an asset search will be able to determine whether that person or corporation has collectible assets so that you have the ability to enforce a judgment, collect on a debt, or determine other types of legal claims. Our reports will provide you with easily accessible and detailed information that allows you to make informed decisions.

Background Checks

A background check compiles criminal, commercial, and financial records of an individual or an organization. This search is utilized to determine a person’s employment, civil and criminal history.

Personal Injury

A personal injury investigation seeks to identify and collect evidence concerning the physical injuries suffered by one or more persons stemming from a negligent or intentional act. Common types of personal injury cases include:

Additional Services

Property Search will show known details about an address including:

  • Current and Previous Owners
  • Assessment/Tax Information
  • Legal Description
  • Sale and Mortgage Details
Property Assessments Search
This search will show pertinent details about all assessments associated to an address including Parcel number, legal description, owners, values, tax information, and structural details.

Property Deed Search
This search will show relevant information about all deeds associated to an address including Parcel number, property codes, sale and mortgage details and dates, and lender information.
Types of License Searches:

Driver’s Licenses
Driver’s Licenses are comprised of records from national and state databases.

Professional Licenses
The information is provided by states and generally includes Name, Address, Business Name (where applicable), License Type and Number, License State, Issue Date and Expiration Date. Information includes the United States plus DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Pilot Licenses
Provides Airmen Certification records issued by the FAA.

Voter Registrations
The results include information provided by states and show subject information such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, as well as Date of Registration and Party where available.
Foreclosures search includes records from various stages throughout foreclosure cases. The results can include Loan amounts, names of the Owners, Lenders, and Trustees, and specifics about the property.

The Lien search will provide details such as:
  • Name and Address of the debtor
  • Name of the plaintiff
  • Filing type and amount of the lien
  • Lien status
  • Document filing and recording information
  • Court contact information

The Judgments Search will provide details such as the name of the defendant and plaintiff, the county the judgment was filed in, type of judgment, filing number, filing dates, and judgment amount.

The Bankruptcies search module will provide results for personal and business bankruptcies and provide the details about the debtor, filings, assets, outcomes, and attorney and court contacts.

The Evictions search will provide information about the eviction filing, such as:
  • Name of the business or individual the record has been filed against
  • Plaintiff name
  • Filing date and case number
  • Recording information
  • Court name, address and phone number
Search with just a phone number to access additional information.

Social Media
The social media search will provide links to each social media account found and will display the Name, Age, Gender and Photos, when available.

Email search offers the possibility to search with an individual’s name, location information, or an Email Address, even an IP Address. Results contain the Email Address, the Name and Address of the individual associated with that email address, and Possible IP Addresses used in connection with that email address.

Business Searches (Types)

Comprehensive business reports detail company profile including subsidiaries, officers, directors and employees. You will also see public filings, including liens, judgments, UCC filings and bankruptcies. Additionally, you can find corporate assets, such as vehicles and aircrafts, property information, including foreclosures, evictions and more.

US Business search offers in-depth information about the US business including

  • Trade style names
  • Family tree
  • DUNS ® Number
  • Contact Information
  • Principals and Employees
  • Affiliations and Associations
  • Assets
World Businesses Report provides information about businesses, their affiliations, associations, directors and officers, employees, and assets from businesses around the world.

Business Phones Report will provide details about phone numbers including the Business Name, address, and a link to the business record (when available).

US Corporations Report will show information such as the entity's name and address, FEIN number, corporate officers and directors, and details regarding the filing with the state divisions of corporations.

UCC Filings Report offers details regarding the documents filed according to the Uniform Commercial Code in the Secretary of State's office. The search results may include:

  • File type, number, and office
  • Pertinent filing dates
  • Debtor and Secured Party information
  • Collateral Item
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